Of course, To bring this super place!(Cronulla Beach)

Hi, I went to Cronulla Beach.

This place is less famous and more relaxing than Bondi Beach, Sydney’s most famous beach.

But, when I went there, I felt that I had a very good atmosphere and a feeling of locality.

This time, I introduce you to Cronulla Beach.


About Cronulla Beach


Cronulla Beach is located about an hour’s drive south of Sydney.

It has interesting terrain of crescent moon surrounded by the sea.


Official web site




How to get to Cronulla Beach

About the location of Cronulla Beach.

It takes about 50 minutes by car from Central station, and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by train connection.

There is no transfer, you can go with one.

There is no need to worry about getting down.


Also, the scenery on the way is pretty beautiful.

I feel like I’m running sideways in the Seto Inland Sea.(Japan)

Cronulla Beach location

To get on the train, take the T4 route. It is a route running from Bondi Junction (bondai beach is nearest).

If you ride on a Sunday, the price is only $ 2.70


The attraction of Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach has 3 attractions in all.

The attraction of Cronulla Beach

  • Relaxing
  • Beautiful anyway
  • Enjoy activities

I introduce you in order.




Cronulla Beach, many people lie on the grass and spend time relaxing.

I was in this place for a while and was getting tired every day.

The lawn is also kept clean and fluffy.

It’s like a natural carpet. You can lie down and relax without using vinyl sheets.

There are many beaches in this area. Above all, “Elouera Beach” is a beach where you can concentrate on surfing.

It has a considerable history. this place···!

It is also very popular for dog walks. Australian dogs are cute anyway.

It is 100 times more cute than stuffed animals.


Seeing a lot of dogs enjoying a walk while frustrating their tails, it looks happy anyway.


And there are a lot of birds. It is less violent than the city.

Rather, they were chased by the children.

please look.

On the beach, there are children who are crazy about sandbox and adults who are sunbathing.

The rescue team is also waiting, and I felt it was a safe place.


Beautiful anyway


This sea and the beach are beautiful, just like waking up.

As far as I could see, I felt like I was shaken by the blue sea and the blue sky.

There were a lot of surfers, and I saw yachts and kite surfing in the distance.


The surfer was riding on the waves very nicely.

The sea breeze hit my face, smell of salt, which was very good.

At the boundary between the sea level and the rock, the light is reflected and the beauty is indescribable.

I’m looking at something and I am not getting bored …

It is midwinter to have visited. (Australia is winter in July)

However, I felt that it was also an attraction of Australia, as it is still like summer.

Enjoy activities


Walk a little north and you will find a pretty large free park.

Many people are barefoot.

For lighter training, you don’t have to go to the gym separately.



And you can see the whales at Cronulla.

Tour site: cronullawhalewatching.com.au

[/ aside]

It is a reasonable price, with a participation fee of $ 65 for adults.





I introduced of Cronulla Beach.

The attraction of Cronulla Beach

  • Relaxing
  • Beautiful anyway
  • Enjoy activities
[/ aside]

I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.





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