Do you want to relax? Let’s go a wonderful park! [Nurragingy Reserve][Australia]

I went to the Sydney’s National Park in Australia.

Yes, of course I want to visit again, and I Introduce Nurragingy Reserve.

It is definitely… Yes, you should go there!

What is Nurragingy Reserve?


Please look at this sky photograph, it is already full of woods.


The forested area is wide in the park of Nurragingy.

Sometimes I got lost even using Google Maps.

Inside the park, I turned around looking at the waterside of the garden.

The attraction of this national park

Nurragingy is a wonderful National Park.

There are three attractions in all.

The attraction

  • Beautiful
  • Impressive
  • Nature is full


a beautiful garden

Well, it was a nice garden with good weather.

Water surface is reflected and it feels fresh.



The building is impressive


There was a small gate called Ark Garden.

No, but the presence is … as you see.

There were also many birds around the area.

(One duck was mixed and was cute)

The building is also a masterpiece.

If you look at the red color, you’ll feel fine. Absolutely.

Looking up at the ceiling, ancient stories were drawn in all directions.



Also, the buildings and details are excellent.

The three-handed lower part of the house is also very impressive.

It is gorgeous though it is this building or a rest space.

I just felt that I would be more fortuned to simmer from the core just by being present.

A very natural garden


It was a very natural garden. It is just a natural park.

Lavender was in bloom and there were colorful flowers.

A bee was coming to this pink flower.

The song of some little bird also echoed to my ear.

A place to look and refresh with the sound of pleasant water.

I want this location forever…

A stone bridge was also powerful.

I spent a lot of time taking a portfolio with my friends here. I am very happy.

The promenade is also long and far.

I saw many people having a picnic on the grass.

After that, there were many people coming around the family in a stroller.

There were many dog ​​walks.

When we were having a picnic, the dog was picked up and looked at it deliciously.

It’s honestly great that it’s free. And parking is free.


Map basic

It is about the map in the nacheral park.

There is also a camping space, bush, so it was perfect for hiking.

Map close up

It is an enlarged view of the map.

  • Ken Gunn Garden (North side)
  • Chinese Garden (South Side)

There are two gardens with water, which makes it a big landmark.

Ken Gunn is the name of a person. Garden landscape, famous for architecture

Ken Gunn Garden

The highlight of this park is the Chinese garden.


The name of the area outside the garden is the place name of the world.

There are Africa, New Zealand gardens, American gardens, and European gardens.


1 to 2 hours by train from Sydney city(depends on congestion)

It’s especially recommended if you’re not far from Blue Mountain and want to know the local feel of Sydney.



About Sydney’s National Park in Australia.

The attraction is three in all.

  • Wonderful garden
  • Impressive
  • beautiful and nature

This reserve is a national park that you want to visit again.

And, though it is a perfect score, admission fee is free.

Let’s go, let’s go !!


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