【F&Q】Tottori sand dunes and camel, how to ride(らくだの乗り方)

I went to Tottori sand dunes and ride to the camel that very cute!

It was very good, and I want to talk about you.


What is the camel riding?


In Tottori, It’s very famous Tottori sand dunes.

And the camel riding also very popular.

So you can absolutely see some camels.

You can experience the walking around the camouflage of living camel which is rare in Japan.



Is it really Japan?

Yes, the place is in Japan. Not the Sahara Desert.

In fact, Tottori often is called for desert Prefecture because it has very big impact.


Where is the camel riding?


Camels are waiting at the entrance of Tottori Dunes.

Please look at this picture.

The camel ride experience is held in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.

It’s the car parking that is nearest of all.

It’s lively of all the place.

And you will get off it.

you climb the Tottori sand dunes’ stairs.

So you can see the camel.

very cute!!


About limited weight

A Man can ride the camel. (about 80~90kg)


When I challenged camel riding, I saw a man who rode the camel.

He looks like about 80~90kg.

If you have 100kg over, you maybe cannot ride. Sorry.


Max 2 people


The maximum number of people can ride is 2 people.

maximum number
Adult  1
Adults 2
Child 1
Children 2
Adult 1 and Children 1


Child age is about under 12. ( Elementary school student OK)


The riding price


Riding price

riding price
1 people 1,300yen
2 people 2,500yen


Adult and child are the same prices.

And no booking, you can ride soon.

But sorry.

You cannot card here. For example VISA, MasterCard.


Take a picture price


Before you take a picture the camel, need to pay money.

take a picture price
only the camel 100yen
with the camel 100yen
on the camel (riding) 500yen


You need to pay the camel manager, he is at acceptance in the Tottori Sand Done.

If you pay money, you have all-you-can-take.


Actually, I strongly recommend riding.

To ride the camel is very rarely. and excellent activity. Great memory.


The flyer has 100yen discount coupon!


If you have the camel flyer,100 yen discount.


In Japanese language, 100 yen discount.





If you go to tottori sand done, let’s challenge!

It makes your life wealth.